TROJAN WHORES by Peppy Barlow, Sally Wilden & Dawn Rose

TROJAN WHORES is a play rooted in myth but with powerful and direct relevance to the modern world. Three women are explored to see what it is like to have an identity and a fate that is defined by history. They represent three female stereotypes: Helen the whore, Penelope the submissive wife, Klytemnestra the harridan

Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world and the cause of the Trojan War, is living as a bag lady on an island where she has retreated to escape her past. She is joined by Penelope the faithful, stay-at-home wife now seeking adventure and self fulfilment, and Klytemnestra the harridan, who dared to take justice into her own hands. Both are also running from the consequences of the war and its effect on their lives. Penelope is enraged with and fascinated by Helen and finds something awe inspiring and arousing in Klytemnestra's murderous passion. All three have come to escape their pasts and the stereotypes given them by history.

Will they succeed? Alliances shift and change as they explore their deepest fears and their deepest longings.

TROJAN WHORES, despite its historical references, is a contemporary play which challenges perceptions of identity and power. It is about women and men and what it is to take on the roles we are given and change them.

TROJAN WHORES enjoyed its premiere at PULSE Festival 2007, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich where it was directed by Cathy Gill. From 29th April to 25th May 2008, TROJAN WHORES played at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton where Klytemnestra was played by Dawn Rose, Helen by Pauline Dent & Penelope by Jo Somervell.

'' ‘Witty observations and enthusiastic portrayals by three very different women' The Stage

'Euripides meets Beckett? A great production, beautifully directed and acted and loved the set.' Michael Lumb, Performer and Fine Artist

‘An uplifting tale of female strength based on a very clever premise.’ Hackney Gazette

' Pauline Dent makes Helen a charmingly batty old bird, Jo Somervell is a very Home Counties Penelope, and Dawn Rose a chilling Klytemnestra ' Time Out


Photos: Sheard Photography