was an enterprise which grew out of a mutual interest in the work of each of the founder members of WOVEN.

GRASPING at SHADOWS comprised two monologues, DREAMS & SHROUDED and a two hander MOTHERING SUNDAY.

All find women in places between love and hate, life and death, reality and illusion.

All ask questions about what it is to be a woman in the modern world while exploring the archetypal nature of all relationships.

DREAMS by Dawn Rose
Performed by Pauline Dent

A lonely woman in search of the perfect biscuit. A man intrudes into her private world.
All is not as it seems.

SHROUDED by Peppy Barlow & Dawn Rose
Performed by Dawn Rose

A woman arrives in the place where her lover retreats and finds only his toothbrush…

Isobel was performed by Pauline Dent & Miranda performed by Dawn Rose

MOTHERING SUNDAY is the first of the family trilogy which is concluded with MISSING & BROKEN.

Isobel has suffered a stroke. Her daughter, Miranda, looks after her for a weekend.